What developers want from iOS 10

When it comes to WWDC, we all have a little developer in us. Apple’s biggest annual event may be targeted to app designers and coders, but you don’t need to know how to declare a string-type variable to get caught up in the hype. In the weeks leading up to the kick-off keynote address, everyone has an opinion on what Apple should bring to iOS and OS X, and right on cue, there are already a lot of great ideas floating around, from dramatic Control Center revamps to smarter and more versatile ways to handle files.

But while it’s fun to imagine what our iPhones will be able to do in the fall, for developers, WWDC is indispensable. When Tim Cook and Craig Federighi break down the newest features and technologies, they are providing app makers with the tools they’ll need to prepare their apps for the future. Developers look to WWDC to not just bring design and productivity improvements, but to also supply a new set of blocks on which they can build the next great apps.

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