The Roll review: iPhone app takes intelligent charge of your Camera Roll

Attention iPhone shooters: Just because you feel compelled to take 100 shots of your favorite local band’s holiday concert or that cute duck family in the park doesn’t mean locating the image you want or endlessly scrolling to find the best one to share on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram won’t give you a massive migraine. It will.

That’s where The Roll (free on the iTunes Store), a new iPhone app from EyeEm comes in. The Roll is designed to save you time and effort by automating the curation and organization of all the photos in your Camera Roll (The Roll—get it?), from scanning and tagging to quantitative quality ranking. The Roll offers a helping hand in deciding which ones to keep and ditch. The best photo, according to the app’s proprietary algorithm, always lands on top of the stack of similar ones, each accompanied by an “aesthetic score” of between 0 and 100. That helps you select which photos to share and also to lose.

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