How to export a Live Photos movie into OS X

Sarah Kruberg would like to extract the movie file (.mov) from Live Photos she imports them into Photos for OS X:

As I understand it, a Live Photos image has a .jpeg file and a .mov file: the still JPEG shown normally and the .mov file “activated” when viewing the live portion (either on the iPhone 6s or in photos).

She took a number of Live Photos on a trip, but discovered after importing them and deleting them she couldn’t figure out how to get access to the movie files.

Apple makes it both easy and opaque. When you import a Live Photos into Photos for OS X, the app tags them: you can see the Live Photos icon in the lower-left corner of a full preview of image alongside the text label “LIVE”, and the icon also appears if you view information about the photo (Windows > Info). Hover over the LIVE label when viewing the full photo, and it plays the associated movie.

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